Cordelia Speed

I am a freelance writer published in fashion magazines such as Schön!, PUSS PUSS and Boyfriend Magazines. I am also a freelance social media consultant and have several clients including thinktank Fashion Roundtable.

Pandemic Essentials: Stepping out in Style with LDC's Independent Designers

To say the very least, 2020 has been a turbulent year so far. Calls for change are being heard from all over the world and in turn, the fashion industry must adapt. Advocating for a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion has always been at the heart of LDC’s mission and that’s why we choose to represent a hand-picked selection of inspiring designers who truly reflect our values. LDC is proud to work alongside the likes of TOKKOU, Yoroshiku 4649, SABINNA and Haoma who have proved their v

The (Fashion) Show Must Go On

Whilst the ethical and environmental problems that are currently facing fashion are by no means new, it is clear that the ‘new normal’ will be to challenge the industry’s obstacles and to seek out sustainable solutions. Lobbying group Fashion Roundtable have been working around the clock to create a ‘new normal' that represents a shared vision for society as a whole. The views and input of leading industry experts and consumers alike are essential to the project and all are invited to their week

The Future of Fashion is Fluid

The merge of menswear with womenswear at London Fashion Week June signalled to the world that inclusivity is the ‘new normal’ and encouraged designers to deconstruct the notion of gender and to celebrate a world liberated from oppressive gender norms. Lone Design Club is proud to be a platform that represents the forward-thinking creatives of our generation such as Le Slap, Yoroshiku, Senscommon, Livia Tang and Contour Jewellery who champion genderqueer fashion. Rather than jumping on a tre

PUSS PUSS Issue 8 featuring Agnes Varda, Rowan Blanchard, Cat power

Jeremy O. Harris — Emma Summerton — Lili Sumner — Beabadoobee – Gigi Goode — Torbjørn Rødland — Sasha Luss — Ajani Russell — Adrienne Raquel — IAMDDB — Thundercat — Tommy Dorfman — Dilone – and many more. What do dreams mean when you have to put your whole life on hold? It’s safe to say that, with COVID-19 still on the loose, we are living through the strangest time most of us have ever experienced. So, with the world as we know it crumbling around us, where do we let our imaginations run free?

Conflict of Ego - Visions for the Future

Finding each other 2020 style, Lone Design Club’s Founder and CEO, Rebecca Morter, and Alanna started chatting on Instagram and immediately connected. As Rebecca explains, “I loved Alanna’s vision with COE, using the brand as a commentary and voice for society, politics and feminism”. Their shared love for sustainable and ethical fashion saw them embark on a journey together from their very first pop-up store in a Bricklane frozen yoghurt factory all the way to the streets of Milan and Shanghai.

Caturday with Shaqdi

CS: “Predictable” is a track that pretty much everyone can relate to! What advice do you have for those trapped in that timeless situation of trying to get over someone who is making it difficult for you to move on? S: Move to another country if you wanna get over someone haha. No, I dunno I’m no relationship expert but I guess getting someone out of your life by getting someone new on your mind always worked for me. Start dating and allow yourself to feel something for someone again and maybe

Divas of Compton

CS: More than somewhere to learn to dance, it seems like Divas of Compton is a place that dancers can call home. How did you manage to create such a strong sense of community within the group? KB: Many of the Divas of Compton have experienced hardships and have to deal with trauma. It is our goal to help them navigate through murky waters and to find strategies that will help them overcome these issues. CS: You’ve said that through dance, you hope to help your students find the leader within t

Caturday with Jerry Paper

CS: Firstly, to satiate my own curiosity, where does Lucas Nathan end and Jerry Paper begin? When did you first discover this other dimension of yourself, or has he always existed as a part of your own character?JP: Jerry Paper started as a mask of myself that I could wear to be more freely me. I started making music alone at home as a teenager and when I turned 20 I decided to try performing live. It was EXTREMELY nerve wracking and I felt I needed some way to ritualize the experience, to make

Sounds of Beauty with Thom Walker

CS: With gender neutrality on the rise and gender norms en route to destruction, do you think we can hope to see more men embracing makeup despite the long history of dispute surrounding the issue istory as far back as BC in Egypt, through to The Renaissance period to punk to Ziggy Stardust, Denis Rodman to Harry Styles and Ezra Miller, male makeup has transcended politics, music, sports and society as a whole. CS: In April, the British Fashion Council announced that London Fashion Week is not o